The main classification of tote bags

Aug. 23, 2022

    There are many classifications of portable packaging bags. According to the thickness of the classification, there may be hundreds of different printing types of portable packaging bags. RX-packaging has sorted out the types of handbag printing from the perspective of the packaging and printing industry. Handbag printing is classified according to the following standards:

    Ⅰ. According to the different classification of materials

    1. White cardboard tote bag

White cardboard tote bag_rx-packaging

    The tote bag made of white cardboard is one of the most high-grade tote bags. , Designers generally use this tote bag for high-end clothing or merchandise. The paper is delicate. Compared with the white cardboard tote bag, the white cardboard tote bag feels obviously more delicate. Therefore, the white cardboard tote bag is particularly elegant. White cardboard has good printability, and designers can boldly apply various design techniques (including color ideas). White cardboard tote bags are the most expensive type of tote bags.

    2. Whiteboard paper tote bag

Whiteboard paper tote bag_rx-packaging

    White cardboard is also a common material for making tote bags. The handbags made of white cardboard are stronger and can hold some commodities with a certain weight. Designers often use whiteboard paper for clothing handbags, and their specifications are generally halved or fully open handbags. Since the printing suitability of whiteboard paper is general, it is more suitable for printing text, lines or color blocks. The strength of whiteboard paper is high, and it can be uncoated. Therefore, the cost is relatively low, and it is a relatively affordable hand-held bag.

    3. Coated paper tote bag

Coated paper tote bag_rx-packaging

    Choose coated paper to make tote bags, which are characterized by moderate fastness. Because coated paper has high whiteness and gloss, good printability, designers can boldly use various pictures and color blocks, and the advertising effect is good. After the coated paper is covered with glossy film or matt film, it not only has the functions of moisture-proof and durable, but also looks more delicate. Coated paper is one of the most popular materials for making handbags.

    4. Kraft paper tote bags

Kraft paper tote bags_rx-packaging

    The handbag made of kraft paper is characterized by high fastness and the lowest cost, and is generally used for ordinary goods. In addition to white kraft paper, the background color of kraft paper is generally darker. Therefore, it is more suitable for printing dark text and lines, and some contrasting color blocks can also be designed. Kraft paper tote bags are generally not film-coated and are the lowest cost tote bags.

    Ⅱ. Classification according to specific forms

    Handbag printing is divided into specific forms, which can be divided into advertising handbags, gift handbags, decorative handbags, knowledge handbags, commemorative handbags, simple handbags, trendy handbags. Type tote bags, antique type tote bags, etc. The following is a detailed introduction to the printing types of tote bags.

    1. Advertising tote bags

Advertising tote bags_rx-packaging

    Advertising handbags are designed through visual communication, focusing on the promotion and development of advertisements. Through the creativity of graphics, identification of symbols, description of text, and stimulation of colors, consumers' attention is aroused, thereby generating a sense of intimacy and promoting the promotion of products. Sales. The advertising tote bag occupies a large part of the tote bag and constitutes the main body of the tote bag.

    This kind of portable packaging bag can often be seen in various trade fairs and exhibitions. The name of the company, the company's logo, the name of the main product and some advertising slogans are printed on the portable packaging bag, which invisibly promotes the corporate image and The role of product image is equivalent to a mobile advertisement, and the flow range is very wide, which can not only meet the requirements of loading, but also have a good advertising effect, so it is a popular form of advertising for manufacturers and economic and trade activities. The more uniquely designed and crafted this tote bag is, the better its advertising effect will be. According to different target positioning, advertising tote bags can also be divided into purchase special tote bags, promotional tote bags, brand tote bags, and VI design and promotion tote bags.

    1. Shopping tote bags

Shopping tote bags_rx-packaging

    Shopping bag advertisements can use the limited area of the bag body to spread the market information of enterprises or products and services to the world. When customers carry shopping bags printed with store advertisements and walk through the streets, in fact, some exquisite handbags are no less than making an excellent advertising sign, and the cost is relatively low.

    Shopping tote bags are designed for supermarkets, shopping malls and other places. Supermarkets and shopping malls have designed special hand-held bags in order to facilitate consumers' shopping, transport the purchased goods home, and connect the feelings with consumers. This type of handbag is mostly made of plastic material. Compared with other handbags, its structure and material are more solid and can accommodate more items, and the cost is cheap. The visual factors on the shopping bag are mainly composed of the specific publicity forms (standard state, mascot, special graphics, special image, etc.) of the shopping place, highlighting the image of supermarkets and shopping malls, and conveying the information of the shopping place.

    2. Promotional tote bags

Promotional tote bags_rx-packaging

    Promotional tote bags are mainly used in promotional activities as a means of promoting commodities and enterprises. In order to promote its image and promote product sales, enterprises often hold a series of activities. Use handbags to print the company's introduction book, product manual, and perhaps products (a little gift), and give them to guests or consumers, so that consumers can more fully understand the company's situation and product performance. Promotional tote bags are totally an event billboard that can hold items. Its surface visual design is all around the purpose of publicizing and highlighting the content of enterprises and products, so that consumers can quickly and happily accept the information it conveys during the event.

    3. Branded tote bags

Branded tote bags_rx-packaging

    In order to improve the quality of goods and create higher value, merchants brand products, and brand handbags are used in such shaping activities. Branded tote bags are used more in specialty stores, which are convenient for customers to carry goods and play a promotional role. The materials of this kind of tote bags are relatively high-grade, which matches the quality of the products.

    4. VI design to promote handbags

VI design to promote handbags_rx-packaging

    VI is a strategy for visual design of corporate philosophy and spirituality. VI often regards handbags as a form of promoting visual transmission, that is, a holistic action that combines modern design concepts and corporate management theories to shape the personality of the company and highlight the company. Spirit, make consumers have a deep impression and recognition, in order to achieve the design of business goals.

    Second. Gift handbags

Gift handbags_rx-packaging

    Gift handbags are designed in the form of handbags to improve the value of gifts and are convenient to carry gifts.

    A gift bag is a packaging item, which refers to a bag used to hold and package gifts. The materials of gift tote bags are usually plastic, paper and cloth. Today's society can be seen everywhere people use gift tote bags. An exquisite gift tote bag can better contrast your gifts. With the changing lifestyles, consumers are increasingly demanding gift tote bags.

    Third. Decorative tote bags

Decorative tote bags_rx-packaging

    Decorative tote bags have no specific function, they are used to carry personal belongings, they only have a wonderful appearance and are fashionable decorations.

Fourth, knowledge handbags

    The intellectual handbag is to print all kinds of patterns and words with certain knowledge, such as world famous paintings, Chinese calligraphy, etc., on the shopping bag. Such shopping bags not only provide convenience for consumers to carry items, but also cultivate people's sentiments and make people feel wonderful psychological feelings.

    Fourth. Commemorative tote bags

Commemorative tote bags_rx-packaging

    The most common commemorative tote bags are specially designed to commemorate a cultural and artistic event. This strategy caters to people's commemorative and honorary psychology, so that people have a new feeling after purchasing. This kind of tote bag is generally printed with the name, logo, descriptive text, etc. of the event, such as: "XX Art Festival Commemoration", "Travel Memorial Bag", "XX Photo Exhibition", "XX TV Festival", etc. On the one hand, this kind of tote bag can hold the collected materials and samples, and on the other hand, it expands the influence of this activity.

    Fifth. Simple tote bag

Simple tote bag_rx-packaging

    When customers buy miscellaneous things and need simple shopping bags, if the store can provide a way to relieve people's worries, it will definitely be welcomed by consumers. Convenience is an important trick in promotion itself.

    Sixth. Trendy handbags

Trendy handbags_rx-packaging

    People generally pursue a high-level lifestyle, and fashionable products lead the consumption trend. When there is something "hot" in the society, if the store owner prints the product pattern and publicity information on the beautiful shopping bag, it is undoubtedly an important way to promote. When consumers see a hot commodity for sale in a certain store, they have an "unstoppable temptation".

    Seventh. Antique handbags

Antique handbags_rx-packaging

    Many traditional commodities with high social reputation are favored by consumers due to their exquisite materials, sophisticated production and long history. If the shopping bag is printed with simple and elegant patterns and words, it will give people a noble and solemn feeling, which will surely arouse the shopping interest of some consumers.