Several small problems easily encountered in the process of color box printing and packaging

Nov. 14, 2022

      Color box printing and packaging looks simple, but it requires a very strict gatekeeper for size and color to ensure that customers receive packaging products with satisfactory results.

  For several relatively common color box printing and packaging mistakes, RX-packaging has made the following summary.

  Problem 1, the size is not right, the phenomenon of displacement;

  Size problems are generally due to deviations in the position of the slotting knife, or small shifts in the machine during operation. There may also be irregularities in the paper, bending and other phenomena caused by deviations in the size of the post-packaging box.

  Solution: You can adjust the position of the slotting knife sample debugging, if the paper bending caused by the paper can be flattened processing, general paper warehouse needs to protect a certain humidity, which is more conducive to the storage of paper. Paper in the environment of obvious humidity, contact with the air part will absorb water and not in contact with the air part because of the evaporation of water and cause the bending of the paper.

  Problem 2, printing fonts blurred

  General printing fonts blurred, more due to the ink is too thick, too high viscosity caused by uneven ink dumping and the formation of continuous ink effect, there may also be too thick ink, no drying, the paper overlap caused by the ink continuous ink.

  Solution: pay attention to the ink consistency when adjusting the ink, of course, you also need to pay attention to the pressure relationship between the printing cylinder and the pressure reel. In short, pay attention to some details debugging.

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  Problem 3, the paper pressure line burst;

  Some paper is unevenly stressed or the pressure exceeds the limit will appear cracked phenomenon.

  Solution: pay attention to ensure that the relationship between the humidity of the paper, too dry paper toughness is weak and easy to crack, the pressure of the paper should not be too large, pay attention to test the paper before purchasing paper tensile strength.