What issues should be paid attention to in printing and packaging?

Jan. 05, 2023

      What aspects should be paid attention to in the process of printing and packaging?

      In the process of these operations, we should pay attention to not always use some habitual methods to do the operation well. It may take a long time to print a certain package, and it is possible to develop a relatively fixed operation method. If the same operation method is adopted for another kind of packaging, it is very likely to cause problems in the printed product, and it is possible to cause accidents during work due to the use of the same operation method.

      Especially in the process of changing jobs, printing workers with relatively single jobs must first check whether the printed packaging products have been replaced. If the product model has changed, then they must operate with the right hand. In the operation of replacing the previous habit

      In the printing and packaging process, safety issues should also be ensured. For example, many people need to cooperate in the operation in many processes. If a person does not concentrate enough and slips, it is very likely to cause mechanical failure, or even Because it is possible to get your fingers involved and cause an accident.

      Therefore, in the process of packaging and printing, we should actively prevent possible damage. Of course, at present, more printing operations are done in the way of fast printing. Digital fast printing operations do not require good plate making, so generally there will be no problems in terms of safety. However, we still need to pay attention during the operation process. For example, the customer’s order may change the packaging pattern in the middle. Some customers may order the same batch of products and prefer the change of packaging pattern. In addition, the user is in the order If there is no detailed description of the situation, then at this time it is necessary to do a detailed review and proofreading of each order to ensure that the printed pattern is strictly in accordance with the user's requirements, otherwise if the change of the printed pattern is not clear, there will be some The entire batch of printed products may not meet the requirements, and these large quantities of scrap products are produced, which no one wants to see.

      One thing to pay attention to in printing, packaging and printing is to check the ink cartridges. In some processes, due to the carelessness of the operator, a certain ink cartridge is gone and the equipment continues to operate. At this time, the printed pattern may not be displayed in some places, so it can only be printed. Scrap, resulting in a lot of waste of paper and materials. Before turning on the machine, be sure to check whether there is enough ink in the ink cartridge. If the ink cartridge is gone, the ink needs to be replaced again. Before the first printing, you should do a trial printing, only print one product and check whether there are quality problems in the printed samples, such as whether the text or pattern is clear enough, and compare the samples provided by the user to see if there are any The place does not match. In the process of inspection, it should be done in a well-lit place, so that a careful comparative analysis can be done. Through these inspection operations, it is found that the first printed product is in full compliance with the requirements, so that the next printing operation can be continued.