Packaging boxes should be customized to fit the product and more convenient to use

Nov. 07, 2022

    Any product is inseparable from the box, but the box is more valuable because of the need of the product. The biggest role of box customization is to make the box more suitable for the product, more convenient, how to make the customer more convenient to use? How to make the box more suitable for the product? The first thing is to understand the public's habits of using boxes, and the most convenient one is the one that fits the customers' habits. Here are the usage aspects summarized by RX-packaging, a custom box manufacturer.

Packaging boxes manufacturer_RX-packaging

    Product packaging boxes are the following in terms of useļ¼š

     (1) The box customization should be easy to open and easy to close. No matter what the product packaging is, it should be easy to open and close. At the time of packaging, we should put ourselves in the consumers' shoes and consider the details of use, such as when packaging, how to quickly and easily pack the product; when opening, how to open easily without the help of other tools, and now many packages are designed as bayonets, which is such a consideration.

Packaging boxes manufacturer_RX-packaging

    (2) Product packaging box customization should be able to easily carry. So in the design of the product should be considered when the product use and carry, can be achieved by the packaging, but also by the product itself to achieve, such as the computer case in Figure 2, the unique handle design, this handle design has the original computer case outer packaging to carry the function.

Packaging boxes manufacturer_RX-packaging

    How to make the box fit the product more closely? This requires the designer to design the box according to the product, and adjust the size to fit the product well. RX-packaging has customized boxes for thousands of companies at home and abroad, and our experience far exceeds that of our peers.