Dongguan packaging box printing manufacturer-ISO quality certification

Sep. 13, 2022

    As one of China's economic centers, Dongguan is home to 800,000 large and small enterprises. Among them, more than 60% of enterprises need packaging box printing, which shows how much demand for packaging box printing is in Dongguan. With such a large market, there must be industries that fill the market.

packaging box printing manufacturer-RX-packaging

    Development of packaging box printing industry

    In such a large market, packaging box printing manufacturers continue to rise up, and Dongguan has developed packaging box printing factories all over the world. RX-packaging started to enter the packaging product industry in 2006, and it has been developing for 16 years now. It is already a very well-known packaging box printing manufacturer in Dongguan. The company's market coverage has reached the whole country and has also been involved in foreign markets.

packaging box printing manufacturer-RX-packaging

    Packaging box printing ISO certification

    Everyone knows about ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. That is, the most authoritative standard-setting body today, and it is also a symbol of authority in various industries. In 2009, RX-packaging passed the ISO certification through various audits, and has completely survived any test in terms of quality.

packaging box printing manufacturer-RX-packaging

    Friends who need packaging box printing services, RX-packaging is absolutely guaranteed in terms of qualification and quality at least. is one of the suppliers you can consider!