How to deal with drop points during offset printing?

Feb. 13, 2023

What printing factories often encounter in the long-term printing process should be the problem of easy drop in offset printing operation. After all, such problems will cause a significant increase in defective products, which in turn will increase the actual production cost. If you can correctly handle this kind of printing loss, you will be able to reduce the loss to a great extent. The following RX PACKAGING will bring you the dry goods of offset printing technology - the correct handling of the printing drop problem during the offset printing process. 

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First of all, we need to briefly understand the common forms and causes of printing drop points.

Generally, these dots will fall on the blanket, and a small part will be in the printing plate and ink roller.

The common form of printing dot drop can generally be attributed to the following reasons: crushing and damage, too much viscosity of the ink, too much printing pressure, etc., among which the more common one is paper scraps on the end of the paper And paper crushed. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct analysis and judgment based on the above situation.

Next, let's talk about the correct way to deal with the printing drop problem.

The first and most common way is to clean the blankets regularly, preferably once every 5,000 sheets. This is because paper dust will accumulate during printing, so regular cleaning can be improved.

The second way is to wipe the end of the paper with a high-quality cotton cloth (lint-free).

The third way is to strictly control the slitting edge paper wool confetti.

The fourth way is to trim the edge after slitting. After trimming, first air press the paper powder before printing, which can effectively reduce the number of printing dropouts

The fifth suggestion is to use Willie oil or lightening agent in the first color group of the printing machine, and then print after priming, which can solve the problem of dropout

Of course, if the factory can be equipped with imported slitting machines, it will definitely have better slitting quality. If the factory can implement strict control standards for paper wool and confetti, then the problem of printing drop points will definitely be greatly improved.