How to Customize Drawer Boxes?

May. 22, 2023

Drawer packaging boxes are popular in various industries, whether it is clothing, shoes, cosmetics, gifts, watches, etc., drawer packaging boxes can be used. It can not only highlight the brand image of the product, but also has practicality and appreciation. However, how to customize excellent drawer packaging boxes to make products more competitive in the market is a problem that every enterprise needs to think about.

Drawer Boxes

1. Select the material

An excellent drawer box must be supported by high-quality materials. Common drawer packaging materials include cardboard, gray board, aluminum box and so on. Cardboard and gray board are more used in the initial production stage, suitable for a certain consumer market, but there will be major problems in long-term use. Aluminum boxes are more durable than cardboard and gray board, and the design of drawer-type aluminum packaging boxes is more novel and unique, which is more popular.

2. Determine the product size and shape

The size and shape of the drawer box is an important factor to consider. If you are selling clothes and shoes, the size and shape are relatively standard, but for other products with complex shapes, additional customization services are often required, such as cosmetic boxes, watch boxes, electronic product boxes, etc. Designers and production technicians communicate with each other to ensure the perfect realization of the design and production process.

3. Choose the right printing technology

In addition to paying attention to the material and shape of the drawer packaging box, the choice of printing technology is also very important. Printing technology can make the packaging box highlight its own brand characteristics and enhance the product's popularity and competitiveness in the market. Common printing technologies include flat printing, letterpress printing, bronzing printing, laser printing, etc. Choosing the right printing technology is to start. For product manufacturers, it is best to choose a printing technology with novel technology, high printing quality, fast printing speed and low printing cost.

4. Design the appropriate shape

The shape of the drawer-type packaging box is generally relatively simple, and the shape design must not only conform to the positioning of the product, but also comprehensively consider factors such as product use scenarios and target audiences. At the same time, in order to increase the competitiveness of product packaging, packaging designers can choose pattern design, stage scenery and other methods to make the shape of the drawer packaging box more beautiful and exquisite.

5. Consider packing box accessories

In the production process of drawer-type packaging boxes, it also involves the selection of some accessories, such as buckles, handles, hooks, etc. Choosing the right type of accessories can not only simplify the production process, improve production efficiency, but also make the product more beautiful and decent. integrity. At the same time, because the drawer-type packaging box is a multi-layer box body, it is also necessary to consider the connection method between the inner box and the outer box. Generally, the push-pull structure has greater market competitiveness.

6, check the product quality with all one's heart

After customizing the drawer box, the final step is to check the quality of the product carefully to ensure that the workmanship and quality of the box meet the standards. The packaging box is inspected by simulating the product transportation process to understand the oil leakage and other damage of the packaging box transportation.

When customizing drawer-type packaging boxes, all aspects need to be considered, from the selection of materials to printing technology, through the selection of packaging box accessories, shape, size and shape, and ensuring the quality of products. With a good packaging box, you can Occupy the market in advance, increase the popularity and reputation of the product, and further tap the value and economic benefits of the product.