Frequently Asked Questions about Printed Packaging Boxes

Jan. 03, 2023

Today, RX packaging will summarize the problems encountered in printing packaging boxes:

1. Color cast: The reason may be that the quality of the original manuscript is relatively poor, the printing plate is not accurate, the control of printing conditions is inconsistent, the ink color control step is good, and the light source of the sample table is not standardized, etc.

2. The tone is dull and not bright; the reason may be that the quality of the original manuscript is relatively poor,

3. Paste plate: due to the overflow of ink on the graphic part of the printing plate, the imprint on the substrate is not clear, which is a fault of offset printing.

4. Dirty plate: due to the abnormal wetting part of the printing plate, the blank part is inked.

5. Dropping version: The fine tone of the lithographic printing plate becomes lighter, the area of dots and lines decreases, and even loses ink affinity.

6. Ink accumulation: printing ink or its substances are deposited on the ink stick or blanket to form a relief-like deposit, which affects the printing ink and imprint transfer.

7. Deinking: Metal material ink sticks are corroded by wetting liquid and oxidized to repel printing ink.

8. Printing ink emulsification: the phenomenon of printing ink absorbing wetting liquid in the printing process or common printing failures caused by excessive absorption of wetting liquid in printing ink.

9. Picking: During the printing process, paper fibers, fillers or coatings fall off or are pulled off from the surface of the paper due to too sticky printing ink or differences in the strength of the surface of the paper.