The difference between cardboard boxes and hardcover boxes in drawer type box printing

Oct. 24, 2022

    The drawer type should be understood by everyone, just like the common drawer structure is the same. Drawer box printing is divided into two parts, one is the inner box and an outer box. The general are only the outer box printing inside the box will not have to print, some are printed on both ends of things. The drawer box is also divided into two kinds, cardboard card boxes and laminated gray board hardcover boxes. Today is the main talk is what are the specific differences between these two box types.

cardboard boxes and hardcover boxes manufacturer_RX-packaging

    Generally speaking, those who have done box printing should know that each box type corresponds to a very different process. The biggest difference between the cardboard box and the hardcover box is that the material is very different. The cardboard box is made of white cardboard, and the hardcover box is made of coated paper laminated with gray board. Of course, not only is the difference in material, but the process above the hardcover box will be more than the cardboard box a pair of laminating process. The price difference between the material and the process is huge, and the general hardcover box is more than double that of the card box. Of course, the effect of the hardcover box is certainly not comparable to the card box, so generally high-end products will use the hardcover box, while the low-end will use the card box.

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