5 Creative Wine Packaging Designs

Jun. 06, 2022

The holidays are here, and what better way to enjoy them than with some wine! Check out these unique designs to safely package your wine bottles for shipping and gift-giving. Take inspiration from these 5 wine box designs to provide your customers with a unique and happy unboxing experience!


1. Corrugated Cardboard Box

Use a fun corrugated cardboard box to hold their unique flat bottles. They are held in place by packaging inserts that fit perfectly with the product.


Custom box inserts help protect your bottles and contribute to your customer's unboxing experience (think demo). While the box itself is simple and uncoated, the sticker on the inner flap indicates holiday cheer. Custom stickers are also a great way to diversify your packaging without having to completely replace the box.

Corrugated Box

 Corrugated Box

2. Red Rigid Box

The wine is packaged in a stunning holiday red rigid box that mimics the holiday spirit. The rigid boxes are sturdy and exude quality and premium products. Your wine packaging will mimic the fact that your wine is extraordinary just from the box. The silver metallic letters embossed on the box give it a unique look and feel. Embossing is the act of creating raised images on paper and other materials. The lettering contrasts with the red color and stands out from the rest of the package.

3. Mailer Box

Use a mailer separated by a box insert. The notches in the cardboard make it stronger than other boxes such as folded cartons. This protects the wine during and after transport and can withstand the weight of three bottles. The insert prevents the bottles from moving around during transport and ensures that all labels face the same way when opened. The sticker on the top flap can be used to add additional information, even a thank you note. Thank you notes are a great way to connect with your customers and make them feel appreciated during this holiday season.

 Wine Packaging

 Wine Packaging

4.  Corrugated Box with packaging insert

Wine gift boxes use a fun packaging insert that holds their bottles in place. The bottles are publicly displayed with the label on the bottle, while the neck is fixed. The corrugated cardboard box is plain on the outside but magenta maroon on the inside, with their logo adorning all four flaps. This will create a great unboxing experience when opened in vibrant colors.


5. wine package with handle

The gift set displays their wine bottles in each specific slot. The wine packaging itself has a convenient handle at the top for easy carrying. The decorations added to the top corners indicate that it is for the holidays, not just a regular gift set. Adding strings or bows to your packaging enhances the overall look and gives a unique twist to your everyday packaging.


Each creative packaging design ensures a great winter holiday look and product safety! Keep all of these inspiring wine box packagings in mind when creating unique custom packaging for your products!

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